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Ponsi Shoes and Medical Supply can provide our customers with any DME product available.  If a product is not advertised through Ponsi, please contact us to see about supplying this item.  Our suppliers are included below, but are not limited to these companies:




 Power Mobility


Stair Lift:




  Compression Garments:






Our company is an IN-Network Provider for the following Insurance Companies:


* Medicare

* Blue Cross/ Blue Shield

* Health America/ Advantra

* Gateway

* United Health Care

* Humana

* Bravo


* United Mine Workers

* United Auto Workers

* Workmen's Compensation Benefits


Ponsi is an OUT of Network Provider for the following Insurance Companies:


* Aetna

* Cigna



If you have any questions regarding your insurance coverage, co-pay, or deductible please contact your insurance first. 





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Ponsi Keeps You Moving!